IMG_2643About our candidates…

Everybody, specially the media, always talks about who is going to “win” the election. I wish everyone would talk about who’s the smartest candidate. There is a difference, you know, between who’s the smartest and most qualified to solve our problems and who’s going to “win”. Just because someone is a “winner” doesn’t mean they will solve our problems. Key question… Are any of the candidates really smart enough to solve our problems? Don’t fudge, just honestly answer that question.

As for me, unless one of these candidates has an epiphany, or long conversation with a burning bush… I’ll probably do what I’ve done in the last 4 presidential elections; I’ll use the write-in space on the ballot and write-in my name. And yes, I know, I’m wasting my vote, but in my lifetime, all the American voters have done is continue to re-elect the folks that cause our problems. All our past votes have been wasted, and will continue to be wasted, until we get feed-up and elect some people that solve our problems. 


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