A few days ago I read a diatribe by an individual who tried to, and I’m paraphrasing, salvage Mr. Trump’s presidency. That writer apparently feels President Trump is making America’s problems worse (see the list below), and that’s fine, the writer is entitled to their opinion. Let’s be rational and put this person’s feelings in perspective. Trump took office only a year ago. However, the problems he inherited have been around since the 70s, some have been around since the early 60s. Keep in mind, President Trump’s predecessors (all members of congress included) have not fixed any of these problems. WHY? What in the world have our elected “officials” been doing in Washington the past 40 plus years?

INTELLIGENCE WITHOUT WISDOM IS THE PUREST FORM OF SELFISHNESS, and that’s pretty much what’s been going on in Washington DC for the last 40 plus years with our congress (Republicans and Democrats).


As voters we must stay informed and vigilant; we must not become complacent. We must stop electing the people who are causing our problems. If voters continue re-electing these troublemakers, we have no one to blame for our difficulties but ourselves.

Before any of our problems can be put right, our President, EVERY member of our Congress, ALL cabinet offices and ALL news media must RESTORE, OR REPLACE, THEIR BROKEN MORAL COMPASS. Also, each of us must ask each person we elected to congress and the presidency, “Do you really want America to become just another has-been great nation? If not, then get to work and put this use of unwise selfishness aside and begin fixing our problems, NOW!

America IS the greatest and we want to REMAIN the greatest.

PS  Until then, to disguise their lack of moral fiber, commonly referred to as selfishness, our “leaders” continue to blasts away with all manner of disrespectful blabber (insults, insinuations, fabrications, fact & figures, investigations, speeches etc.) to convince their constituents and the public, and anyone else who will listen, that they’re doing their job, but are held back from accomplishing anything by all manner of conspiracies from all corners of the bureaucracy.


This is just a partial list… These problems have been around since the 70s, if not longer. This list is not prioritized… you can do that…

Education—Depending on source, we are ranked 2nd to 29th in the world for quality of education. Is there a failure in the ranking system or in our educational system, or both?


Veteran’s benefits/healthcare

Healthcare for all US citizens—Medicare and Medicaid are Ponzi schemes

Balancing the budget (with a surplus) and reducing the national debt to a non-threatening level


Taxation—That is fair to all. Trump’s tax reduction/reform bill is really helping American citizens and businesses generate spendable money that’s staying in America. It’s fair to all. It’s not the fault of Washington DC that a few of our 50 states have outrageously high taxation structures.




Natural resource management

Military strength/efficiency

Foreign relations

Unemployment— Unemployment is really improving since Trump became president. Unemployment is now at its lowest in 17 years.

Funding Social Security—Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.




  1. Where did all the M & Ma’s go ?

    Morals and Manners….

    Manners wouldn’t allow … blabber!!!!
    Morals wouldn’t allow what we are doing to ourselves!!!

    Just a thought,


    • If anyone knew where our morals and manners WENT and what caused them to leave, he, she, they, etc. could rule the world. You’re so correct, manners wouldn’t allow this blabber and that’s why combining intelligence and wisdom is so important. It can be done, look to Dr. Ben Carson and Ben Stein, just to name a couple of people who live quite happily using this very workable combination.

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