Just a reminder, an apology is overdue…

I assure you the freedom, fun, untethered simplicity and privacy my generation enjoyed as kids, growing up in the United States (in the 40s, 50s and 60s) will never be experienced by my grandkids, or anybody’s grandkids, regardless of where they grow up. What’s most tragic is my generation could’ve kept life that way, but we didn’t. We can blame no one but ourselves. On behalf of my generation, to all our grandchildren, the least we can do is apologize.

We let that life slip away, because we had to chase other “things”.


3 thoughts on “AN APOLOGY IS OVERDUE…

  1. I think it is difficult to take responsibility for more than our own personal actions. If we have done the best we can as individuals, we have done the best we can. –Curt

  2. We can’t blame those who came before us, who worked hard, to better their lot in life. Anything we all do now, is our own responsibility. But, as is typical of “your” generation-you are willing to stand up and take responsibility for problems. Which is something we can all learn from.

  3. There’s a speech by Murray, the main character in Herb Gardner’s 1962 play (and 1965 film) “A Thousand Clowns” where, for a lark, he goes up to multiple strangers in the street and says, “I’m sorry.” Without exception, they automatically respond with some form of absolution, “Oh, that’s all right.” etc.

    This reminded me of that.

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