“Man, nobody said anything about marching this far.”

The “OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT” started in New York City a few months ago, 3 blocks away from the real Wall Street, to protest the greediness of our big corporations. In less than 30 days the “OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT” went international. Time will test its endurance.

On the other hand, as far as I’m concerned, our politicians are just as greedy as Wall Street, if not more greedy. Look at what they are paid. How sweet it is to be able to vote yourself a raise every so often. Next, look into  their pensions, their health insurance benefits and other perks. No wonder these people spend millions to fight to get elected and re-elected. Across the board, I am tired of the majority of our elected officials spending most of their time and our money pointing fingers, passing the buck, chasing political correctness, going on junkets and campaigning, when the next election is months or even years away, not to mention their scheduled recesses. When do these people spend any time solving our problems, and making sure potential problems are avoided? These are the 2 reasons we elect them in the first place. They make darn sure they have enough money to run for office. Why can’t they make sure there is enough money to run our government? It’s obvious their sense of responsibility and urgency is, for the most part, only to themselves, not to the people who elected them.

Of course, we can always count on the next election to finally get things right. If you believe that, well…

A few days ago on the CBS News website, I saw a young protester, somewhere in the United States, carrying a sign that read…


                                                                        TO BIG

                                                                        TO FAIL

Is the United States to big to fail? I’m sure all our government officials (city, county, state, and national) are already “trying” to answer that question; that is, as soon as they get back from their latest recess and the next election is over. They better not dilly-dally either; the Mayan Calendar says this coming December 21st the world will cease to exist, as we know it. I sure hope that doesn’t happen, because our government will be on their “scheduled Christmas recess” and will not be there to bail us out.


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