No disrespect intended, but I don’t like the word “BLOG”, I’m sorry.  Say it, “BLOG”… It doesn’t even have a decent sound. It sounds like the name of some disease, or a monster from a class B movie. I guess one day, a long time ago, someone was writing about all the wonderful things the Internet had done, like rapidly expand everyone’s ability to get ideas, news, pictures and other things to and from the rest of the world. So, I’m told, out of a sense to keep the Internet organized this person invented the word “BLOG” from the word WEBLOG. The word went from 2 syllables to 1 syllable. Whoop-de-do, a difference of 1 whole syllable. Once “BLOG” existed; it started appearing, with vengeance, all over the world. You couldn’t escape it, and you still can’t. Why do people love to say this word? Don’t stand to close when someone says BLOG with any conviction; your face is likely to get wet. A very unsanitary word, at best. There must be, there has to be, a better name to describe this “Internet phenomenon”.  I humbly submit, as a suitable replacement, the word NETPUB, a contraction of Internet publication. NETPUB sounds like a nice place for people to go to have fun and network, so to speak, about what they publish. NETPUB does not sound like the name of a disease or a monster. NETPUB is not a potentially moisture laden word like BLOG. I know, the word BLOG is here to stay, in written form on the Internet, but maybe, during daily spoken conversations, people will start using the phrase NETPUB… “I’m a NETPUBER. Do you NETPUB too?”  “I have a NETPUB and here’s my address…”  “I’ve been NETPUBING for about 8 years. What about you?”… “I really enjoyed your latest NETPUB!”

Please, help, spread the use of the word NETPUB; a more sanitary alternative to the other word….

Thank you very much !


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