Just so Santa doesn’t waste a stop, and interrupt my precious sleep, every Christmas Eve I fasten a big, bold, neon sign on my roof  that reads:



Even when people can’t, or don’t, understand what I’m saying, I still believe in freedom of speech.

As far as I’m concerned, the only things in my life that I control 100% are my integrity and self-respect. The government and my wife control everything else.

I detest the word “BLOG”. Blog sounds like the name of a disease, a class B movie monster, or someone clearing their mouth of foul food or drink. “NETPUB” sounds a lot more dignified, I think.

Sooner or later, most of us find out, it’s really a great life, if you can stand the pace, and you don’t get caught in too many lies.


As long as voters keep re-electing the people who create all our problems, don’t expect any quick and great improvements in our problems getting solved, locally, or in Washington. I believe this is a rational presumption.

After 73 years, I assure you the freedom, fun, untethered simplicity and privacy my generation enjoyed as kids, growing up in the United States (in the 40s, 50s and 60s) will never be experienced by my grandkids, or anybody’s grandkids, regardless of where they grow up. Think about that for a while…

When I get an email that says in the signature block, “Sent from my IPHONE”, or “Sent from my BLACKBERRY” (or something similar), I want to gag. LISTEN TO ME; I REALLY DON’T CARE how you sent it or what you sent it from!

One of the most dreadful, frightful series of words in the American language is “ASSEMBLY REQUIRED”.

The only other series of words I dread more than “ASSEMBLY REQUIRED”, is “…sir, please remove your driver’s license from your wallet for me. Please remain in your car. I’ll return in a few minutes.”

Believe me, not always, but sometimes, there is safety in the number 1.

The United States Government, the greatest government in the history of the world, operates primarily on one principle, “WE GOTTA LOOK LIKE WERE DOING SOMETHING; SO LOAD THE WAGON FOLKS, FORGET ABOUT THE MULES.”

Fate, providence is rarely nice to me when I’m in a big hurry…

I don’t know about you, but over the years I’ve learned to only deal with facts, and ignore opinions. It makes my life a lot less stressful.

I don’t buy or wear T-shirts, golf shirts or any shirt if they advertise or promote anything or anybody. If someone wants me to advertise their logo or name on the shirts I wear, PAY ME. Why should I buy their shirts plus advertise for them, for nothing? All my shirts and T-shirts have nice, big pictures of gorillas, horses, wolves, mountains, bears and dolphins, and that’s it. 

With all our “instant communication devices” are we really better off than the caveman? One thing is for sure; the caveman didn’t worry about voyeurism when they went behind a tree or rock to accommodate Mother Nature.

Today, it’s really hard for a person to maintain any semblance of independence, privacy, originality or a valid thought process with all the tentacles of their “instant communication devices” tangled around them and embedded in their bodies?

Remember, if we all worked error free, and everybody always agreed on everything, a whole bunch of people wouldn’t be necessary. So, bring on the screw-ups and disagreements, it helps lower unemployment and keeps the economy going.

Home-runs in life are great, but when you come down to it, winning  usually comes from just getting lots of singles.


I learned the hard way, never, ever make a decision when you’re upset, angry or have had your feelings hurt.

I’m certain, most of the time, not always, just most of the time, the people hollering the loudest are the people holding the weakest position.

Regarding politics, religion, philosophy, education, and the like; most people’s spoken and written thoughts are as original, meaningful and worth remembering as water spots on a sidewalk after a 3 minute rain on a hot day.

Be sensitive, everyday, to what’s happening around you; you’ll discover the most endearing, meaningful and beautiful experiences in your life are always free and simple.

Is it really necessary to notify all 300 (or more) of your Facebook “friends” — me included, and thank you very much for the friendship — that you just picked up your dry-cleaning?

Regarding racism, bigotry, discrimination… Listen, The Good Lord, The Creator, made all of us. So, if you want to put down something God made, go right ahead; just keep me out of it. I definitely don’t want to be, in any way shape or form, caught criticizing, making fun of, or mocking anyone or anything God made. That’s not a rational move and one Power I don’t want to upset.

Whenever I make a big decision, like buying a house, changing careers, or starting a business, etc; I always make sure I have enough time left in my life to recover, just in case it turns out I made a bad decision.

I know for a fact; we are really never that deep into our life that we can’t reignite some of our faded hopes and dreams and see them fulfilled. Our hopes and dreams are just as exciting and fresh now as when we first discovered them. 

OK, discover what you love to do more than anything else, next, figure out a way to make a living at it.  

I sometimes think our conscience is disappearing from lack of use. 

God does not make mistakes.

God’s way of doing something is always better than my way.



10 thoughts on “I’M JUST AN INNOCENT (almost innocent) BYSTANDER…

  1. Happy (early) Birthday. We all need to de-stress a little and, sometimes, share a little less (the notifying of all your FB friends about the routine things you do in life). But I am delighted you decided to share your thoughts.;-)

  2. Hey Richard- There are so many of your statements that I agree and loved reading: I sometimes think our conscience is disappearing from lack of use. and So, if you want to put down something God made, go right ahead; just keep me out of it. and especially Remember, if we all worked error free, and everybody always agreed on everything, a whole bunch of people wouldnt be necessary. So, bring on the screw-ups and disagreements, it helps lower unemployment and keeps the economy going. (this is the one I hope that all of my students understand…mistakes make us smarter!!) Thank you for the great read! I needed that this morning! Kari

    Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2014 01:08:52 +0000 To: kjl_75@hotmail.com

    • Thanks for taking the time from your busy teaching schedule to read my writings, I do appreciate it. And, just to have a little fun, I’m going to ask my son if he read it? Tongue in check there… You’re so correct, one of the quickest ways to learn and make “us smarter” (on purpose or accidentally) is to make a mistake. That system always works. You summed it up, perfectly.

    • Done and done. Thanks for taking the time to stop. I do appreciate it. I’m going for a short visit to my mom’s place in Illinois, who’s “celebrating” her 94th birthday. Based on her “performance” to date, she’ll probably outlive me and my 3 younger brothers. I’ll be back in a few days. I’ve glanced at PL and I’ll take my tour as soon as I get back to find out what caused my curiosity to be aroused. What I briefly saw and read looks like fun and certainly is creative.

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