Back in 1976, can’t remember the exact day, a sunny summer day for sure, Billy was 3 and Jay was 6. I watched them playing in the backyard; you know those silly games little boys play. You never know what’s next.

Boys, you sure know how to make us hold our breath. We like to watch you walk, then dash right back. At times you’re so clean, you look good as new, at other times what a mess. Your lively and carefree styles God surely did bless.

A sunny day, a tiny pile of dirt, a friend, a yo-yo, an imaginary game of danger, a tricycle, a bicycle, a pedal car, an old sheet made into a tent, a tiny plastic car and a piece of dirty rope, that’s what you both like best at 3 and 6. This makes us feel you’re the greatest, regardless of what you do next.

It’s your flawless smiles, your hiccups and giggles, and your endless imagination, that always tells us you are the best. Little boys, don’t they ever rest?

Now you’re both asleep and dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures;  that’s what we like sometimes the best, so we can also get some rest.


3 thoughts on “OUR SONS AT 3 AND 6

  1. Wow! Really love this one. It reminds me of my little brother Joe. Why can’t kids today have fun with simple things, no batteries required. Thanks for the beautiful images that brought back such fond childhood memories. Boy, I loved my little brother and still do.

    • Again, great to hear from you. I really agree with you on your “no batteries required” question! The best things in life are simple and free and I fear the simplicity and freedom we had as kids will be something our grandchildren will never know.

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