Even the peasants swing their pitchforks to a good beat…


Today, no social commentary, no stories, no who shot John, just some great music. A good beat that will hopefully make you say what James Brown is famous for screaming, “I FEEL GOOD!”

Turn up the volume to get the full blast value of this music.

Along your musical way, have you heard TAKE 5 by The Dave Brubeck Quartet? You probably have, but maybe didn’t realize it. This recording sold over a million copies after it released in 1959; then it crossed over and ended up # 2 on Billboard’s Pop Album List. Even high school kids in the late 50’s liked it. Some songs will always be cool.

Here is the theme music from an old TV detective show, PETER GUNN. The show’s theme song, written by Henry Mancini (1958), is still cool. I wonder if Isaac Hayes was influenced by this arrangement when he wrote the theme music to the movie SHAFT? Personally, I prefer the Ray Anthony arrangement…


Erroll Garner composed it and here he  plays it, MISTY.  Each time he played MISTY, he claimed it was a new version. Misty also gave Johnny Mathis a big big boost in his search for fame. After the first few bars, you will recognize the tune. Erroll Garner and MISTY will always be a song for the ages…


ALL OF ME (arrangement by Count Basie) is another song that will last forever. For sure turn up the volume on this one. Because, about 42 seconds into this one there is a short surprise, you can’t miss it… and notice, you don’t see a tall wall of PEAVEY speakers behind the band, either, amplifying the sound. This is 99% natural sound (very little amplification), no additives to enhance anything…you say you like the real thing…well, here it is…


DIMINUENDO AND CRESCENDO IN BLUE by Duke Ellington is 15 minutes of unbelievable, high energy, penetrating rhythm and music and audience participation. Again, no tall wall of PEAVEY speakersDIMINUENDO AND CRESCENDO IN BLUE becomes more spontaneous with each beat and each note. Recorded, on stage, at the Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, RI. in 1956; there are no studio touch ups on this tape. Towards the end, the crowd is almost as loud as Duke’s bank; saying the crowd is excited is an understatement.


…this is the only way to go…

Thank God for His gift of music and the artists who keep the music alive…


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