A few days ago I read Daphne Prost’s very funny article COULD THE ZOMBIES ALL JUST DIE NOW? PLEASE? For your enlightenment, her website is http://daphnepropst.wordpress.com.  As I read her article, I suddenly realized where Hollywood got the idea for a zombie. The idea grew from many years of Hollywood moguls observing our “leaders” in Washington DC.  I looked up the definition of zombie on my computer’s dictionary; I was right. The definition of zombie reads:

“A person who is, or appears, lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings.”

Now, if that doesn’t describe our Congress and our President, I don’t know what does. No doubt about it, this is exactly what the Hollywood moguls had been observing for years. This also explains why Congress hasn’t been able to balance the budget for the last 50 plus years. Have you ever seen a zombie doing arithmetic or using a calculator or a computer?  

Everyone remembers Michael Jackson’s music video THRILLER, with all those zombies jerking around. Michael could have saved thousands of dollars in make-up, costume and productions expense if he had simply paid a bunch of our Congressional members to do all that dancing and prancing. Imagine House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama in the front row of all those zombies dancing in the dark. The 9 Supreme Court justices would have looked mighty spooky too, bouncing, jerking and hopping around in their long black robes.     

As a result, and forever more, the number one job requirement for a person to hold any governmental office, local or national, elected or appointed, is to have absolutely no family history, ever, of anyone being a zombie. So, when you vote, make sure you’re not voting for a zombie. Please?

We can’t eliminate all the zombies in Washington, but we sure as heck don’t have to elect, or re-elect them.

Not voting for zombies is not discrimination against a cult, it’s a matter of self-defense.



    • I appreciate you taking the time read some of my articles.

      Yes, I can see and respect your point of view, we may not “be able to eliminate all the of them just by voting alone, to bad.” However… America, I strongly believe we can’t get Washington’s attention to get them to do their job when only a little more than 1/2 the voters vote. That level of voter turn-out is the same as telling Washington we are not really that concerned about how well you do your job. That should be obvious by now. We will get the attention of Washington if voter turn-out is around 85% or 90%. Our congress has been nicked-name “The do nothing congress” for a reason. Fifty-five years is long enough. If you care to read HEAR YE! HEAR YE! 55 YEARS IS LONG ENOUGH… I published it 8/12 and here’s the link.


      This just my humble opinion, as an observer and voter. I wish didn’t even have to think along these lines.

  1. If you wish to get political you must at least get your facts correctly, Nancy Pelosi is not the House Speaker, when she was business moved through the house and our president unlike the Bushes could never be confused as a Republican Zombie?

  2. Right on Bro! Guess which Bro this is from up north; and I am not a zombie, but I like the band the Zombies. If you recall their song: She’s Not There”, well that fits many politicians or as I call them ‘poly-ticks’, many blood suckers. Based on your article, they are, truly, not there, but in a world of utilitarianism.

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