It’s impossible to feel good all the time, for most of us anyway. So, when you have one of those not so good days or moments, if you haven’t seen this CBS 60 Minutes piece, you really should watch it. It’ll probably make you feel good. It’s about a symphony orchestra and choir in Africa, the Congo, that if someone had told me about it, I would not have believed them…until I heard these musicians sing and play.

You draw you own conclusion and learning experience from this story.

God knows, poor doesn’t mean poor in all ways, in all respects.

Here is the direct link to this story…

Joy in the Congo: A Musical Miracle (approx. 14 minutes)…

Sorry for the short commercial at the beginning, you know how it is… however, the following story is worth enduring the commercial.

God Bless everyone,

The Curmudgeon


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