Lately, marijuana is in the headlines a lot. In 1964 our congress took a big step, and rightfully so, to legislate morality and get rid of discrimination with the Civil Rights Act. Fifty years later, I think some of our states are trying to legislate “happiness” by legalizing pot? Thank you very much, but I am perfectly happy without these laws. If our legislators think I’m going to vote for them because they legalize wacky weed, they are wrong.

I know they’re out there, but do you ever wonder how many people feel good, feel happy, and feel that way without a boost from marijuana or other “recreational drugs”? Why do so many people need this jump start to feel good when the good in this world, by far, outweighs the bad? I know; it’s your right to indulge if you want. Please keep in mind, life is tough at times, but it’s also a lot less complicated when you find happiness without a “false start”. Not to mention, it’s a lot cheaper to get high on some of the good things going on in your life, instead of all that artificial “stuff”.

Excuse me from flaunting my age, but after 73 years of good times, and bad times, my life proves, everyday, that my mantra is true, the best things in life are free and simple, starting with God, The Creator, or whatever you call your Supreme Entity.

To those who say I sound preachy, good… I’m glad I’m getting to you…

Mr. Louie Armstrong, Pops, says it best…Take a minute to just listen why he believes it’s a wonderful world…

IMG_9758 IMG_1450 IMG_1684 IMG_1669 photo


    • Our grandkids ! The Reagan is now 8 and Charlie is 5. Reagan we call the RAINBOW LADY and Charlie is THE LEADER OF THE PACK. They are curiosity personified. Thanks for taking time to read the essay…

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