…I knew it, I knew it, some idiot finally put me on a dang T-shirt…they didn’t even ask me, they just did it… I really don’t need the publicity…

When I get an email and in the signature block I read: ‘Sent from my IPHONE’, or Sent from my BLACKBERRY’ (or something similar) I want to gag. It’s as though the sender wants to impress me that they have the latest “Magic Bullet” communication device, or their device has some inherent charm or revelation about their rising economic status. I’m not impressed. I don’t keep up with the latest and greatest way to communicate or “stay connected”. I just want to read the email and go on. If someone wants to be smug, do it to someone else. Please don’t waste my email space with your conceit.

“I’m on enough stupid T-shirts as it is. I’ll give you credit, at least you’re asking, anyway. But, please, just go away. Let me be, in peace. OK?”

Also, I don’t buy or wear T-shirts or golf shirts if they advertise or promote anything… a brand name, a monument, a river, an event, a ship or boat, a building, a school, or a university… you get the idea. None of my T-shirts are advertising billboards for someone’s or some company’s product or service. If someone wants me to advertise their stuff on a T-shirt, pay me; just like they pay others to advertise on TV, billboards, radio, magazines, newspapers and racecars. Why should I provide them free advertising? My T-shirts have pictures of wildlife on them, bears, wolves, leopards, eagles and horses. I really would like to have a T-shirt with a picture of a highland gorilla, and I’m looking. I’m proud, also, to have a couple of T-shirts with American Indian artwork painted on them. Other shirts show whales, dolphins and other sea creatures. I don’t have one with an octopus or squid on it, though. The rest of my T-shirts are just plain red, blue, gray, green, white, and brown. Once a man looked at a big grizzly bear on the T-shirt I was wearing and asked me, with a big smile, “Are you a hunter?” I proudly and promptly said, “Well, I don’t shoot’em, I only admire them, from a safe distance of course.” He politely frowned, grunted, and walked on. Golf and T-shirts with little alligators, funny shaped letters, weird names and such are not in my wardrobe, either.

UPDATE: I ordered 2 T-shirts. They finally showed up June 4th and on each one is a beautiful picture of a mountain gorilla. Now I’m looking for 2 more T-shirts; 1 with a picture of an octopus on the front and 1 with a picture of a squid on the front. These might be a little harder to find. Squid and octopus are not real popular these days.


  1. Most times people don’t even know their text message or email from their iPhone has the signature built in that says ‘sent from my iPhone’….some people keep it there so the person receiving the text message knows this person has replied to them while out of the office (or on the go). And yet others want the receiver to know they are cool for having an iPhone. Actually, every iPhone user is already cool for using the iPhone. Telling people is just extra.

    Just sayin’

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